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Meet Studio, a space where anyone can easily create their own AR twin. You can use AR as a means of communication by naturally learning 3D printing while making your own figures and sending AR messages.

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High-quality AR twin
with a single shooting

Make an AR twin that looks just like me, my AR avatar that you wanted to have at least once. A single, synchronized 96 camera shutters will finish 3D scanning in no time. While the studio's high-performance computer combines 96 20-megapixel photos, if you have a quick chat, you'll be waiting for the completed AR twin.

Resolution of Each Camera
Shooting Duration
3D Building Duration
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3000+ animations
powered by

From walking and running movements to the latest K-Pop dance, give AR Twin a life. With 3000+ animation presets pre-designed by, animation can be easily applied to AR Twin with a single click.

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A favorite
of the children

Give the children an AR twin each. It can be a fun and exciting experience for children just by watching another birth process that resembles them. While children play with AR Twin, they can develop an eye for AR technology.

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My pride, my awesome AR twin

It's a waste to watch AR twin alone. Using Message and Sticker, you can easily send AR messages and create images using AR stickers.

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From simple self-introduction to complex product promotions, capture customers' hearts with DiguAR Message.

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You can use Sticker to create simple images using AR Twin.

3D Model File

For professionals, the 3D model files provided by Studio can be leveraged to the full range of avatars.

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