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We are an IT startup founded in 2015, focusing on popularizing AI technology by launching MetaTwin.AI, an AI service brand for Generation Z.

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Our Mission
For the world where anyone can create their own AI contents

Ten years after AI technology became popular, everyone can make videos easily, but it still feels difficult to produce AI content. Due to the expensive filming equipment and complex editing methods, AI content was perceived to be produced only by experts.

MetaTwin.AI is creating a world where everyone produces AI content that is the main character in a reasonable price and convenient way. From the main character of the 3D game to virtual fitting of the online shopping mall, please look forward to the AR world that MetaTwin.AI will create.

Team Members

William Seo
Louis-Valentin MAZEAU
Jaehwa Seo
David Yu
Jin Seo
Youngseen Lee


  1. Jul 2015
    Founded the compnay
  2. Oct 2015
    Attracted investment from Samsung Venture Investment
  3. Dec 2017
    Won the prize from the Ministry of Science and ICT at Next Media Korea 2017
  4. Aug 2018
    Registered as a venture company by KOTEC
  5. Nov 2019
    Supplied AR solution for NongHyup Bank
  6. Apr 2020
    Provided AR promotion websites for the politicians in South Korea
  7. Dec 2020
    Provided 3D Scanner Studio solution for Kotra
  8. Aug 2021
    Provided Metaverse disable children education solution for ClassVR Korea
  9. Mar 2022
    Provided 3D Digital Human solution for a presidential candidate in South Korea
  10. Jun 2022
    Provided 3D Digital Human solution for Local election's candidate in South Korea
  11. Jul 2022
    Provided Web 3D promotion solution for the Hyundai IONIQ 6
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